6 Types of Tennis Shots You Need to Master

6 Types of Tennis Shots You Need to Master

If you are a beginner or intermediate tennis player it is important to know the different types of tennis shots and when to use them.

You will want to practice all of these shots during tennis practice so that you will be confident on the court.

In this post You will find information about:

  • Tennis Forehand
  • Tennis Backhand
  • Tennis Volley
  • Tennis Overhead
  • Tennis Serve
  • Tennis Lob
  • How to Improve Tennis Shots
  • Frequently Asked Questions
At tennis practice you need to make sure to take time to practice these tennis shots.  Using tennis drills or match play to master these tennis shots.

Types of Tennis Shots You Need to Master

Tennis Forehand

The tennis forehand is one of the most used shots when playing tennis.

you can use it in a variety of different ways and is very frequently used as a return shot when you have been served the ball.

In this tennis shot you simply swing the racket across your body and follow through over the opposite shoulder.

When it comes to which tennis grip you should use for a tennis forehand that is up for discussion which you can read more about here.

Here are some crucial tennis forehand tips for beginners.

Tennis Backhand

The tennis backhand is also used often to return a serve or keep a volley going during a tennis match.

Many tennis players use two hands to hit a backhand but you can also choose to hit it one handed.

You will want to read this complete guide to tennis backhand tips if you are looking for more information about how to hit a backhand and how to move your feet.

How to hit a tennis volley

Tennis Volley

A volley shot is when the ball is hit before it bounces.

Usually this shot is taken somewhere near mid court or close to the net.

Volleys are a powerful shot for both singles and doubles players depending on your tennis strategy.

A volley shot can be very strategic and used to get the ball to a spot your opponent won’t be able to make it to.

They are often time used as approach shots so a player can get up to the net.

Volleys can be hit as a forehand or a backhand depending on your court placement.

Tennis Overhead

The tennis overhead almost feels like you are serving, but without tossing the ball of course.

If someone hits a lob at you the overhead may be the shot to use for the return.

One big mistake tennis players make is getting so excited that they try and smash the ball.

If you are not careful this can lead to the tennis ball going into the net or out of bounds.

Overhead shots are powerful, but they need to be accurate as well.

Tennis Serve

Being able to serve a tennis ball is one of the most important skills to have when it comes to playing tennis.

If you can ace tennis serve you automatically win a point which is very powerful.

Most tennis players have a strong and accurate first serve.

Their second serve may have a bit less punch but is a serve that they always get in.

Try these tennis serving drills to improve your accuracy when it comes to your tennis serves.

Tennis Lob

The tennis lob is used to hit the ball deep into the court.

You can hit a lob using a forehand or backhand depending on court placement.

If you are playing singles or doubles and both players are at the net a lob shot may be your best choice.

You want to make sure you hit it high enough so that they can’t jump up and smash it at the net.

How can you improve your tennis shots?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to gaining accuracy and speed in your tennis shots.

You can practice tennis strokes and serves with other tennis players during drills over even match play.

Practicing tennis alone can be effective as well because you get to choose which tennis stroke you want to perfect.

Getting tennis lessons may also help you step up your game.What is the most important shot in tennis?

You can not start a tennis game unless you know how to serve. The serve is one of the most important tennis shots because it allows you to start a point and win it without using any other types of tennis shots.

Making sure you have a strong first and second serve is crucial for any tennis player looking to win matches.What is the hardest shot in tennis?

The answer to this questions depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the tennis player.

Some people may have an easier time with groundstrokes while others may struggle with keeping them consistent.

Others may struggle to get the perfect tennis serve while others hit aces all of the time.

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Want to win more points during your tennis match?  Practice these tennis shots so that you can become a more confident tennis player.

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