Badminton Clothing

Badminton Clothing1

Badminton players should above all wear comfortable clothing. Baggy trousers or tight skirts are unsuitable as they restrict flexibility. Match players, both men and women, usually wear polo shirts and shorts. Tightly fitting clothing can also be worn if desired. Shirts should be made of a breathable fabric so that the player doesn’t feel suffocated after a long rally.

Badminton Clothing1

Team players wear a uniform team kit. Your kit should also include a sweat suit. Sooner or later, every player will need a large bag in which to store all training and match equipment, which has room for shoes, clothing, rackets and shuttles as well as something to eat and drink. Special badminton bags are designed so that that they can also be carried comfortably on the back like a rucksack.

Badminton Clothing2

Tip 1: In tournaments, take as many shirts as you have games. A sweaty shirt should be removed immediately after the game and be replaced by a dry one, otherwise the player may catch a cold due to drafts.

Tip 2: After a game or during a long training break, players should always slip on a sweat suit so as not to get cold, or else they will stiffen up and the muscles will be cold when play resumes.

Tip 3: Players with very sweaty feet should buy special socks that absorb the moisture well. It is not advisable to wear two pairs of socks one on top of the other as this can cause blisters.

Tip 4: Pro players do not usually tuck their shirt into their shorts, as it stops the umpire from clearly seeing whether the shuttle is really hit below the waist, and they try in this way to get away with hitting the serve from a slightly higher position.

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