Badminton Drive

Badminton Drive

Badminton Drive

The drive is an attacking shot in which the shuttlecock is hit so fast that the opponent barely has time to react. The drive is played from near the left and right sidelines, about halfway between the net and the back of the court. The player starts this stroke with a lunge and it can be played as a forehand (on the right of the body) and a backhand (on the left of the body). The shuttle travels quickly and flat over the net.

The drive should ideally be hit parallel to the sideline, but it can also be hit cross- court, which has the disadvantage that the shuttle must pass through the center of the court where the opponent can easily reach it, and if he is in the right position, he can easily hit a winning return shot.

he flick version of the drive (see Fig. 55, #1) is usually a point winner. The drive is a shot that is mainly used in doubles, particularly to return a flat serve. The target area for a sharply hit drive lies in front of the service line of the opponent (see Fig. 55, #3), otherwise the shuttle flies into the center of the court (see Fig. 55, #2). The player should come to the net after hitting a drive, as a high defensive shot from the opponent can be returned with a smash by his doubles partner.

Badminton  Drive

In the forehand drive . . .

  • The shuttle is hit at the side of the body and crosses the net with a flat trajectory to the opponent.

  • The shuttle is hit near the left or right sideline.

  • The target area is the back of the opponent’s court.

  • It can be played down the line or cross-court.

  • The elbow goes toward the shuttle first, the arm is pre-tensed.

  • The shot is played from the upper arm, the elbow and the wrist.

  • The shuttle is hit at the side of the body at approximately head-height.

  • The player lunges with the right leg toward the shuttlecock.

  • In a flick drive, what seems to be a short shot is accelerated at the last minute and hit long (feint).

In a backhand drive . . .

  • The right hitting arm is horizontal at chest height in front of the body.

  • The feet are either parallel next to each other (with the knees slightly bent) or the

    left leg lunges forward slightly to the left.

  • The shot is hit with a powerful twist of the forearm.

  • The shot is hit low and either parallel or diagonally over the net.

  • The thumb of the hitting hand should press the racket handles to increase the leverage effect of the shot.

Badminton  Drive

Drill 1: Hunt: Players A and B hit the ball to each other quick and with a flat trajectory over the net using both forehands and backhands. After a few shots, both players move back a little after each shot, then start to come back into the net again.

Drill 2: Spoilsports: Players A and B play drives to each other as in drill 1, then players C and D stand right at the net and try to get in the way and “kill” the shuttle.

Drill 3: Shuttle machine: The coach hits shuttles over the net in quick succession to the player, who must return them as longline drives. The coach hits to the player’s forehand and backhand sides.

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