Badminton Shoes

badminton shoes

Several manufacturers produce special badminton shoes, which feature a non-slip sole for indoor courts and a very flat sole, so that the player has good contact with the floor at all times and does not twist his ankle during the often dynamic movements. Badminton shoes are reinforced at the toes, so that they don’t wear out too quickly when the feet are dragged – especially during lunges. The soles should also have cushioning as badminton players jump a lot. Good shoes cost between $ 70 and $ 120.

Tip 1: When purchasing shoes, make sure that the soles will not mark the court floor, which is not allowed in sports centers.

Tip 2: You should buy two pairs of shoes at the same time, so that in matches you always have “broken in” shoes available. You should never play a tournament with new shoes as you will quickly get blisters on your feet.

Tip 3: Always tie your laces properly so that your feet sit snugly in your shoes, and to avoid you twisting your ankle.

Tip 4: Never play badminton in jogging or running shoes as they are designed for running in a straight line and are totally unsuited to sudden forwards and backwards jumps. The very high, cushioned soles of jogging shoes will almost certainly lead to a twisted ankle.

Tip 5: Players with skew foot, splay foot or flat feet should have a sports orthotic in their shoes. Otherwise there is a danger that the sudden movements are not adequately cushioned by the feet and the shock travels directly to the knees.


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