Cute Tennis Outfits You Can Wear Both On and Off the Court!

Cute Tennis Outfits You Can Wear Both On and Off the Court!

Tennis outfits don’t always come at a cheap price…but at my house they do!

I don’t have a ton of money to spend on my tennis wardrobe so I have to buy pieces that I will wear in my everyday life or while doing other workouts.

That is what inspired me to write about cute tennis outfits you can actually afford!

In this post you will find a mix of:

  • Tennis Skirts
  • Tennis Dresses
  • Tennis Tops

All of these outfits can be found on AMAZON!

If you have never bought a piece of clothing on Amazon before then you need to give it a try!

I have had some of the BEST luck shopping for clothes from the comfort of my own home.

All of the images in this post are clickable and will lead you to the actual item.

So if you want to take a closer look or have a question about it…just click on the picture!

Here are some of my favorite looks that I have come across so far!

Cute Tennis Outfits You Can Actually Afford in 2020

Cute Tennis Outfits You Can Actually Afford:  These tennis outfits for women are affordable and hot!  This collection of tennis skirts, tennis tops, and tennis dresses are sure to make you the start of tennis fashion during your next tennis match.  Look great on and off the court.

Tennis Skirt with Leggings

This get up is perfect for fall or spring.

If you are a fan of wearing a skirt but not freezing your tush off then you will love these!

These cute tennis skirt outfits come in a few different patterns so you can pick which on fits your style (check them out here.)

There are NO POCKETS so that is something to be aware of. Usually when I wear a skirt I just stick the balls up the side by my leg/hip area and that hold them.

Funky Tennis Skirts

I can not get over that print! If you don’t like bright and unique prints then I am sorry…you may not like this post.

The vibrant colors on this skirt are magical. Not liking the print? There are other options in this cut you can browse them here.

This skirt has an inner side pocket and hidden shorts underneath.

Pair this skirt with a black tank top (like this) and you have a cute little daytime outfit as well!

Cute Tennis Skirts with Pockets

If you are a fan of pockets….you will love this cute tennis skirt option!

It has a very nice size pocket that is hidden away in the shorts portion.

This skirt is a bit shorter…so make sure you are comfortable with that aspect before purchasing.

It is made up of light weight material which makes it perfect for running, playing tennis, or hitting the gym.

Tennis skirts with pockets are great for matches because you have place to store an extra ball.

It comes in a few different colors which you can view HERE.

Classic Pleated Tennis Skirt

If you are looking for the classic tennis player look then this will be a perfect fit.

This pleated skirt is exactly what comes to mind when I think about tennis fashion.

It comes in an array of colors (check them out here).

This skirt has hidden undershorts underneath as well as a very small pocket that you could fit a key or credit card into.

Tennis Skirt with Capri Leggings

This has to be one of my favorite options as a busy mom!

This is one of the best tennis skirts because it is so versatile.

I love that I can play tennis, workout, bike, run….and do yoga in!

I would also feel comfortable running errands in this or taking my kids to the park.

I absolutely LOVE the pattern options this one comes in (see them here.)

They are vibrant and fun which is a perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe on or off the court.

They are also a great option with you are looking for something to wear while watching a tennis match.

Modest Tennis Skirts

This functional skort has a straight forward look about it.

It has nice sized pockets located on the mesh shorts and there is even a place to pull your headphone cord through if needed.

They come in a variety of solid colors (check them out here) and are perfect for any type of workout such as running or playing tennis.

Tennis Skort

What is so great about a tennis skort?

Tennis skorts have shorts underneath them so there is no need to put on an extra layer.

These tennis skorts come in lots of fun patterns and are perfect for forgetful people like myself.

There is nothing worse than showing up to a tennis match and realizing you forgot to put shorts on underneath your skirt.

You scramble through your tennis bag...only to find you have not packed any either!

I have been there before.

You can check out these fun tennis skirts HERE.

Tennis Tanks with Built in Bra

AH! I am in LOVE with the back of this tank top!

It is sophisticated and classic all at the same time.

This athletic top comes with a built in bra so you don’t need to ruin the look of the back (unless you need more support.)

It comes in lot of different patterns and colors (take a look here).

The front of the top is fairly plain which balances out the amazing back.

Flowy Athletic Top

These flowy tops are perfect for athletic or casual wear.

You can pair them with come cute capris, leggings, or a skirt and you are good to go.

They come in lots of different colors which you can check out HERE.

Looking for something that will keep you a bit cooler?

Love Tennis Top

Want to show everyone how much you LOVE tennis?

This tank is a great option to pair with a cute skirt for your tennis practice.

This would also make a great gift for any tennis player in your life! You can take a closer look at it HERE.

Nike Tennis Tops Women’s

This simple tee comes in a variety of different colors.

It has small capped sleeves if you are looking for a little more coverage then a typical tank top.

With moisture wicking fabric you should stay dry while you are working up a sweat.

Click here to look at this tennis top.

Fun Tie Back Tennis Top

This tennis top is fun and flirty both on and off the court.

I really like that the slit is open and the bottom of the back instead of the top.

This allows you to wear a supportive bra without it showing, but still looking cute.

This top comes in lots of fun colors (check them out here) and is perfect with leggings or a skirt!

Cute Tennis Dresses

There are many benefits to playing tennis…and being able to play a sport in a super cute dress is one of them!

This tennis dress has a criss-cross back and a ruffled skirt which makes it a very fashionable item to walk onto the court in.

The dress also offers UV protection.

Retro Tennis Dress

How fun is the retro look that this dress has!

Cheap tennis dresses can be hard to find…but the price tag isn’t too bad on this one.

The tight top with the pleated bottom reminds me of something from back in the day.

It comes in a couple of different color options which you can peek at HERE.

Just be aware that this dress does not have shorts included under it. It also has NO POCKETS.

So make sure to grab a pair of shorts to go under it (like this) which will make it more functional for tennis play.

Funky and Fun Tennis Dress

This dress offers an exciting look!

The funky print and colors are sure to make you stand out.

You can see if it is the right fit for you by clicking HERE.What is tennis attire?

Tennis attire is what you where to play tennis in. This could be an outfit for a tennis match or tennis practice. Men generally where shorts and tshirts to play tennis. Woman where a mixture of tennis skirts, tops, dresses, or shorts.What do you where under a tennis dress?

You should always where a pair of tighter fitting shorts under your tennis dress that are made out of a spandex type material.Why do tennis players wear skirts?

It has been a part of tennis fashion for a very long time and continues on today. They are comfortable to play in and many include a place to tuck away extra balls when you are playing.Do tennis skirts have pockets?

Some tennis skirts do…others do not. If it doesn’t have pockets no worries. You can always where a pair of spandex shorts underneath to store balls.Where can I buy a tennis skirt?

One of my favorite places to buy tennis skirts is online. You can also find them in sports stores or tennis shops.

If you are looking for cute tennis skirts that you can wear both on and off the tennis court then you will love these cheap tennis outfit ideas that you can purchase online.

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