Tennis Essentials: Things Every Tennis Player Needs

Tennis Essentials: Things Every Tennis Player Needs

Are you a tennis player or thinking about becoming one?

In tennis you really don’t NEED a ton of expensive equipment which makes it an affordable hobby (one of the many benefits of playing tennis.)

In this post you will learn about what tennis essentials you will need to get before starting to play tennis and where you can find them.

We will also talk about some things that you may not NEED but can be helpful or fun for tennis players to have as well.

Let’s get started!

What tennis equipment do you need to become a tennis player?  Find out how to select the best tennis racket and tennis shoes to start playing.  Find out where to buy tennis gear that you will need from tennis balls to cute tennis outfits!

Tennis Essentials: What do you need to play tennis?

What Tennis Racket Should I Get?

A tennis racket is one of the two things that you need to posses in order to get started playing tennis.

If you are just learning how to play tennis then it may be best to borrow one from a friend until you are ready to make the purchase.

There are lots of options and price points when looking at purchasing a tennis rackets.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Players

The first thing you should decide before you purchase a tennis racket is your price point.

It is easy to get swayed into thinking you need to get a more expensive racket with all the bells and whistles.

If you go in with your price point ahead of time…you will have a better chance at getting exactly what you need and not over spending.

If you are a very beginner tennis player and just starting out. I would not spend over $30 on your racket.

Borrow from someone else or pick a used one out to start with.

My first tennis racket was WOODEN!

I first started exploring the sport at my grandparents house when I was in elementary school. I found an old wooden tennis racket and took it over to the elementary school and wood hit balls off of the brick wall.

I really enjoyed that! Eventually I got a beginner racket similar to the ones below (click on any of the pictures to get more information about the racket):

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet

This light weight and powerful racket is perfect for someone just starting out.

One thing to note is it DOES NOT come with a case. If you already have a bag or don’t care for one…then this could be a good option for you!

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

Scared you are going to swing and miss the ball?

This racket’s best feature is it has a large hitting area. This perk will help you hit more balls successfully and give you a better shot at making contact with the sweet spot.

You can take a look at this over sized tennis racket HERE.

Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Personally I have never tried this brand of tennis racket…but I love the value that they offer with this beginner set.

With your racket you receive a cover!

Some people may not care…but I love to have a nice cover for my racket!

It is somewhere to shove tennis balls when walking to the court and I also stick my car keys in it as well during a match.

It is also a great way to protect your purchase.

Not only does this beginner tennis racket come with a case but it also comes in a variety of different racket colors which you can check out HERE.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Tennis Players

So you have been playing for a while and are ready to upgrade!You should definitely go to a sports store and get a feel for different rackets.

See what weight and size you are comfortable with. Check out different grips to see what you like.

Ordering online is an option too. Just make sure there are free returns so that you can send it back if it turns out not to be a good fit.

I would say a solid intermediate tennis racket should not run more than $150.

Here are a few examples of some that may work for you:

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

This racket is an affordable option for intermediate tennis players.

It comes pre-strung and is ready to use right away. You can take a closer look at this optionHERE.

Wilson Burn 100S (Spin) 18×16 Countervail (CV) Black with Orange Trim Midplus Tennis Racquet

If you would like to put some spin on your shots…this racket claims to do just that!

Another fun aspect of it is you get to pick out the color of string you would like which makes it a bit more individualized. You can check out the colors offeredHERE.

Babolat 2018 Boost Strike Tennis Racquet – STRUNG with COVER

The rackets offers value as it comes with a cover!

You can take a closer look at this racket HERE.

You can also pick out your grip size which ensures a comfortable fit for you.

Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players

If you are playing competitive tennis at an advanced level then you will for sure want to check out tennis shops where they can give you some good guidance on what kind of racket you should get.

Talking to your coach for guidance is also a good option before you go out and buy a tennis racket.

The best racket for an advanced tennis player will be unique for that player.

It will depend on how you hit your strokes and serves in deciding what kind of racket will give you the most power and accuracy.

Tennis Racquet Life Expectancy

How long will your tennis racket last?

That depends on a few things.

Personally…I keep my tennis rackets for a long time! As long as your not throwing them or banging them on the court when you lose a point they will hold up for quite some time.

I don’t want to age myself…but I still use the tennis rackets I got back in high school (15 years ago!) They got me through playing competitive tennis at the college level!

I still use those rackets today. I just make sure to either restring or regrip them when needed.

If you play a lot and play competitively you will probably want to have two rackets that you rotate.

Having a back up racket is especially important when you play a tennis tournament in case a string breaks.

If you are rotating between to rackets they should last you longer as well.

Where to buy a tennis racket

Where to Buy a Tennis Racket

You can purchase a tennis racket both in stores and online.

Larger sports stores may be able to provide you with some extra guidance when you are starting out.

Reading reviews of rackets sold on online can be helpful as well.

If you are an advanced tennis player, definitely seek out assistance from a tennis shop.

Tennis Balls

There are lots of different options when it comes to tennis balls.

It seems as though personal preference plays a big part into what ball is actually best.

Where to Buy Tennis Balls

You can buy tennis balls almost anywhere.

Most large box stores sell them in the sporting goods.

You can also purchase them online.

How many do you need? That depends on how often you play.

Here are a few different options you can choose from:

You will definitly want to have at least one can of balls if you plan to play a match.

Using 2-3 balls during a match is pretty standard.

If you plan on hitting serves by yourself a bag of balls may be the best option.

A fun option with these balls is you can get them in different colors. Check them outHERE.

If you are a tennis coach or teach lessons then a big container of balls is what you will probably need.

Where to buy tennis court shoes

Shoes for Playing Tennis

You can play tennis in any athletic shoe. However, playing tennis in shoes that are meant for the court is always the best option.

Having the right shoes will help prevent injuries such as shin splints (read more about those here)which are common from playing tennis.

Where to Buy Tennis Court Shoes

If you go into a sports store a shoe store make sure you tell them that you want “court shoes” for playing tennis.

Asking for just “tennis shoes” doesn’t work because it is a term used for almost all athletic shoes.

You can also purchase court shoes online. Just make sure there is an option for free returns so that if they don’t fit correctly you can send them back.

This can be a great option as there is a nice selection to choose from. I have had great luck with this pair and plan on purchasing them again soon.

What do Tennis Players Wear? How to Choose the Right Outfit

You have your racket, balls, and shoes. You are almost ready to go play some tennis.

But what should you wear?

One of my favorite parts about playing tennis is the clothing…I have always loved me a cute tennis skirt or dress!

Your first priority when picking out clothing for tennis though is that it is comfortable and you can move well in it.

Don’t feel like you have to wear a skirt or dress…if it is not your style…then wear what works for you!

You can check out my pose on cute tennis outfits you can actually afford to get some ideas.

Where to buy tennis skirts or dresses

Tennis wear isn’t found in most clothing stores.

You may be able to find some tennis outfits in athletic stores but your best option is to purchase online.

There is a variety of women’s tennis wear that can be found on Amazon. You can start your search here!

I think that pretty much covers it! You should now know what you need to get started playing tennis and where to find it!

Are you a new tennis player? Find out what tennis essentials and equipment is needed for beginner tennis players.  Recommendations how to find the best tennis racket, tennis outfits, and more!

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